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Our club was established in 2008 to offer paddle sports (sprint canoe/kayak and dragon boat) to people of all ages and abilities. We offer a wide range of programs from Canoe Kids Camp through to competitive sprint canoe/kayak and dragon boat.    Sprint Canoe Kayak is an Olympic sport that combines strength, endurance, and technique for singles and crew boats.   SNCC has Canoe Kayak programs suited to those trying a boat for the first time, Olympic hopefuls and everyone in between.   Dragon Boat Paddling is a team sport with crews of up to 20 paddlers.   SNCC has Dragon Boat Programs for Competitive, Recreational, Breast Cancer Survivors and Special Needs Individuals.  

 Our Board of Directors:                                      Board Member Since:


  • Brenda Arndt Commodore                                       November 2016        
  • Tracey Pigeon Vice Commodore Canoe Kayak    November 2017
  •  Mark Swan Vice Commodore Dragon Boat         March 2020
  •  Liz Guitard  Secretary  & Registrar                        November 2016                                                                             
  •  Annie Eckhardt - Treasurer                                      November 2017

Directors at Large 

  • Carolyn - Swan                                                              November 2018     
  • Alan Wright                                                                    March 2020              

Committee Chairs:

Brenda Arndt:  Grow Grant Implementation

Liz Guitard:  Fundraising Committee

Carolyn Swan:  Social Committee

 Interim Safety Officer:  Brenda Arndt


 Our Coaches/Instructors:

           Sprint Canoe/Kayak

          Canoe Kids Camp - Led by KC Fraser 
          • Aimee Pigeon  -  
          • Josh Abbott-Tate  -  
          • Austin Pigeon  - 
          • Walker Davis - 

          Dragon Boat

          • Doug Jones - Competitive
          • Evan Landry - Recreational, Rentals
          • Jan Corbett - Recreational
          • Gwen Vernon - Hope Floats, Learn to Paddle
          • Brenda Arndt -  Special Needs, Learn to Paddle, Rentals
          • Marilyn Bellows - Learn to Paddle, Rentals
          • Joan Crawford - Special Needs, Rentals
          • Anne Marie Ciancio -  Special Needs
          • KC Fraser -  Back up 
          • Richard Dalton - Back up

          Club Codes and Policies

          SNCC Waiver 

          Par Q and you health questionnaire 

          CKC Sprint Code of Safety

          Dragon Boat Canada Safety Guidelines

          Our Mission:   

          To promote a fun and inclusive environment that offers the opportunity to participate in paddling sports including sprint canoe/kayak and dragon boat through high quality, safe, recreational and high-performance programs. 

          Our Vision: 

          Niagara's destination for paddling sports.

          Our Values: 


          We encourage commitment and dedication for all levels of paddling.  We celebrate the realization of our members' personal and team accomplishments.


          We embrace inclusion and camaraderie at the team, club, regional, national and international levels.  We recognize the power of sport to draw society together in a shared vision.  We promote an atmosphere of volunteerism.


          We aspire that paddling will be enjoyed for its own sake.  We foster fairness, integrity and respect for our teammates and competitors both on and off the water.


          We make decisions in a thoughtful and informed manner to support the longevity of our club and to create a positive legacy.   We strive to reduce our environmental impact, recognizing our shared responsibility as stewards of the planet. 

          Copyright - South Niagara Canoe Club 2018

          South Niagara Canoe Club is a registered non-profit corporation.  Mailing address:  108 Thorold Rd. East, Welland, ON. L3C 7A6

          Paddling location - Welland International Flatwater Centre, 16 Townline Tunnel Road, Welland, ON.

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