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South Niagara Canoe Club

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Safe Sport

Safe, inclusive sport environments help make sport rewarding and enriching for all.  Safe Sport Training gives one the knowledge and skills to create those environments by recognizing, addressing and preventing maltreatment in sport. 

Canoe Kayak Canada Safe Sport Policy Manual

Canoe Kayak Ontario Safe Sport 

True Sport

South Niagara Canoe Club is a member of the True Sport Movement and works to embody the principles of True Sport below:

To learn more, visit True Sport here.

Dare to Care

Bullying is a societal problem that is impacting individuals in all areas: School, work, sport and home life.  In sport there is a fine line between competitive spirit and true bullying.  Whether it’s from parents, guardians, athletes or coaches, disrespectful behaviour has become a growing concern at gyms, courts, rinks, and all other sport locations. Dare to Care programs aim to provide consistent messaging and understanding at all levels to create more positive, safe and inclusive sport experiences.

SNCC has participated in the Coach & Management Workshop in 2024 in order to become better equipped to identify instances of bullying, learn how to take a “no-nonsense approach” to bullying and understand the importance of having clear policies and procedures to deal with issues.

To learn more, visit Dare to Care here.

Paddling location

Welland International Flatwater Centre

16 Townline Tunnel Road

Welland, ON 

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108 Thorold Road East

Welland, ON L3C7A6

Many thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Delta City Bingo in Welland for their support! 


Very special thanks to photographer and SNCC friend Anthony Gallaccio of Welland.

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