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Year: 2021

1January, 2021
Jan 03 High Performance Canoe/Kayak \Winter Jan 3 - Feb 20, 2021
Jan 03 Developmental Plus/Kayak \Winter Jan 3 - Feb 20, 2021
Feb 21 High Performance Canoe/Kayak \Winter Feb 21 - April 10, 2021
Feb 21 Developmental Plus/Kayak \Winter Feb 21 - April 10, 2021
May 01 High Performance Paddling - Spring 2021
May 17 Masters Canoe/Kayak Spring 2021
May 17 Para Canoe/Kayak Spring 2021
May 17 Developmental Plus Canoe/Kayak - Spring 2021
May 17 Developmental Canoe/Kayak - Spring 2021
Jun 28 Canoe Kids Camp Week#1 - 4 day week
Jul 01 Masters Canoe/Kayak Summer 2021
Jul 01 Para Canoe/Kayak Summer 2021
Jul 02 High Performance Paddling - Summer 2021
Jul 02 Developmental Plus Canoe/Kayak - Summer 2021
Jul 03 Learn to Paddle - July 3/2021 Sprint Canoe/Kayak 11:30 - 1:00 p.m.
Jul 03 Learn to Paddle - July 3/2021 Sprint Canoe/Kayak 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Jul 05 Canoe Kids Camp Week#2
Jul 05 Developmental Canoe/Kayak - Summer 2021
Jul 12 Canoe Kids Camp Week#3
Jul 19 Canoe Kids Camp Week#4
Jul 26 Novice Racing Camp 2021
Jul 26 Canoe Kids Camp Week#5
Aug 03 Canoe Kids Camp Week#6 - 4 day week
Aug 09 Canoe Kids Camp Week#7
Aug 16 Canoe Kids Camp Week#8
Aug 23 Canoe Kids Camp Week#9
Aug 30 Canoe Kids Camp Week#10
Sep 13 Developmental Plus Canoe/Kayak - Autumn 2021
Sep 13 Developmental Canoe/Kayak - Autumn 2021
Sep 18 Masters Canoe/Kayak Fall 2021
Sep 18 Para Canoe/Kayak Fall 2021

Member & Non-Member Programs  

SNCC is a club and to participate in any of our member programs you must have an annual membership.  The annual membership fee for the 2021 season is $95.00.   We offer a family membership for $170.00 for up to 6 family members.  This is to be paid once per year and allows the member to register and partake in our different member programs and allows each member voting privileges at the club annual general meeting.     

Our membership year runs from May 1st - April 30th.   For new members only, membership fees are prorated.   We offer  Learn to Paddle sessions  for free during on-water programming to give you the opportunity to give us a test paddle and learn the basics before joining our club and registering for programs.   For more information email 

Non-member programs are offered.   See  Canoe Kids Camp    Novice Racing Camp  Special Needs Dragon Boat  and Learn to Paddle

To register for membership: 

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Paddling location - Welland International Flatwater Centre, 16 Townline Tunnel Road, Welland, ON.

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