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FAQs for  participants

How do you tell what size paddle I need?  

The paddle should measure up to the top of the ribcage, just below the breasts.

How will I know where I should sit in the boat?

The volunteer in charge of lining up will tell you.

Is there a list of exercises I should use for warm up/cool down? 

Yes, the exercises are posted on the warm-up and cool down boards.

Do we unload from the front, back or middle of the boat first?  

Always take your direction from the coach or steers.

Are the participants allowed into the equipment storage container?No. To meet safety, insurance and covid-19 regulations, only SNCC coaches and their delagates may enter the compound and storage containers.

If I really love Dragon Boat and would like to be more active in the sport, what should I do? 

Talk to you coaches, they will be happy to help you achieve your paddling goals.

The Learn to Paddle programs offered at SNCC on Saturday mornings are terrific for new paddlers. Both Sprint Canoe/Kayak and Dragon Boat have a Learn to Paddle program. Please register on the website  

Paddling location

Welland International Flatwater Centre

16 Townline Tunnel Road

Welland, ON 

Contact Us 


108 Thorold Road East

Welland, ON L3C7A6

Many thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support! 

Very special thanks to photographer and SNCC friend Anthony Gallaccio of Welland.

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