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Oc1 Orientation - choose from the list/calendar below to register

No formal Outrigger Canoe programs are planned for 2023.

To huli (flip your outrigger canoe) or not to huli!  That is the question!

  • You will learn how to safely huli in your orientation and then recover. Whether or not you choose to deliberately huli, is up to you.
  • There will be two levels of OC1 rental opportunities based on the abilities acquired during the orientation session, and after more experience. 
  • Until paddlers are able to recover from a huli and assemble and disassemble the equipment they will be required to stay on the north course between the 1000 meter mark and the north shore, and be accompanied by a safety boat or an OC1 paddler qualified to assist you.  
  • Those that show a proficiency in recovering from a huli and equipment assembly and disassembly will be issued level two rental qualifications allowing them to venture off the north course without supervision.  

Choose from the list/calendar below to register, you can switch back and forth from calendar and list view for viewing convenience. 

Upcoming OC1 Orientation Sessions

    • 01/05/2024
    • 30/11/2024
    • SNCC

    OC- 1 Rentals

    Available upon completion of OC- 1 Orientation. Exceptions can be made for experienced outrigger paddlers upon request. 

    Complete instructions for rental process are provided during OC-1 orientation.

    Options to purchase :  

    1 Session- $15 member/ $20 non member - must be purchased by a member

    6 Session Package  at 90 minute sessions= $75

    2nd 6 Session Pack of 90  minute sessions= $70 

    12 pack of 90 minutes sessions =$125

    24 pack of 90 minute sessions =$200

    SNCC reserves the right to delay or end programming early due to weather, and/or water conditions as per our safety policies.  

    If you require a guide, you will be responsible for paying the rental fee and booking an OC1 for your guide. 

    Payment by e-transfer preferred, cash payments can be arranged. 

    For further information please contact

    • 13/05/2024
    • 31/10/2024
    • SNCC

    OC1 - Orientation

    Mandatory orientation prior to Renting OC1s. During the orientation session full instructions regarding policies and procedures will be provided. 

    Please email to arrange for an orientation provider.

    Member $30 ( group session)

    Member $50 (individual session) 

    Payment by e-transfer preferred, cash payments can be arranged. 

Paddling location

Welland International Flatwater Centre

16 Townline Tunnel Road

Welland, ON 

Contact Us 


108 Thorold Road East

Welland, ON L3C7A6

Many thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Delta City Bingo in Welland for their support! 


Very special thanks to photographer and SNCC friend Anthony Gallaccio of Welland.

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